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2015 in Review. Yesterday is now. ◆ July ◆

2015 in Review. Yesterday is Now.
◆ JULY ◆
July I got to hook up with a great songwriter from Durango, Lázaro Cristóbal Comala for shows in Mexico City and present #Chant at IMER, Instituto Mexicano de la Radio, but the highlight, and greatest challenge, were these two weeks of shows in Duo with different hero drummers.
Playing with Billy, Im more comfortable each time out. For this show, he played solo about 40 minutes - I love his solo sets - before we did tunes like "Where's Her Money From" and "How to Trust a Lover", off my record thats out on Billy's label Amulet Records, together. Its an honor, and a good challenge to fly at it with Billy. He demands it be real, and moving, in how he plays and goes about the show.
The following week I played in Duo with the drummer Bob Moses. Bob's approach and style are so unique, it takes a really engaged listening for me to get into it with him. We played some de-rrangements of Ray Charles and songs by the Verve, a couple traditional songs, all in a kind of state of constant float, finding and abandoning conversation where possible.
I'm lucky to play with great drummers. Hernan Hecht has been a mentor to me, perhaps without really knowing it or directly engaging as mentor - maybe the best and most selfless kind? - along with illyB and old friends from Minneapolis JT Bates and Greg Schutte. Good to have someone to have your back.
Here's a video Billy and I did quick at Hernan's place.

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