Guitar. Still capable of new, and of being a tool that permits someone to express their unique experience in a manner that inspires.

Here are some of my favorite guitarists out there making new music in new ways with the guitar.

- David Tronzo

  You gotta know Tronzo. Slide master, artist all over the guitar, percussive hero. I once hung in his living room and filmed him playing solo. 


- Marc Ribot

  Ribot has his feet in the grave and half a leg in the coffin at all times, playing beautiful solo classically inspired pieces or speaking his piece on the evils of the corporate internet over post-punk bite. 



- Stone Gossard, Pearl Jam

  He writes guitar tunes that are as much funk, blues, psych as arena rock, always just far enough away from the obvious. 



- Leo Kottke

  Its acoustic music as much Motown in feel as it is Appalachia. There is beauty but also grit, and humor.



- Bill Frisell 

  He plays lyrical and its all melody.


- Larry Campbell

  Americana without the false lenses of nostalgia, just the real shit. Makes Bob Dylan’s records he plays hang down in the swamp. Ive seen him with Dylan and Levon Helm. Parts!



- Neil Young

  I think he's really a noise guitarist. Put him in a Zorn band and he'd be at home.






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