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7th grade and being 35

I am here to declare my own comfort. Does its declaration imply its existence is not? Perhaps only the years will tell.

I started playing music because I had to. In 7th grade I wrote a song in English class called "Need to Fly". Thats the first one I remember anyhow. It just happened.

After a while, I wanted to be good at guitar, but also I wanted to be recognized, celebrated, and maybe for people to call me a genius and a hero like they did of David Byrne, or Kurt Cobain, or the Rza, which is what I was listening to in those days.

I went on lots of tours, made lots of records, and have had dreams shattered and realized.

Ive come to realize the "shattering" of dreams is not that of failure, or even a valid disappointment, it is the disappearance of illusion. The illusion is that I (we) need to be loved or celebrated to validate my (our) artistic impulse. Surviving doing it is enough.

What had me writing songs and making noise when I was a kid is what I have to share. And its not just about me, its about all of us needing to create something that is ours, that turns into everyone's, whether its heard or danced or cried to or not, its all the same song, its everyone's and it sings itself if we let it.

This might not bode well for the mass acceptance of our band or its functioning within an already determined market (looking at you "world music" scene), but I am feeling good about it.

The shows on this A Love Electric tour, up Central America and Mexico, sometimes to 5 kids in a music school, hundreds of hippies in a beach town, or at festivals and jazz clubs have me back grounded in the reality that music is not what is on the television.

Goodnight from Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico.

A Love Electric #WonderTour

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