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A couple thoughts in a cafe about being saved

Music saved me when I was broke everywhere, as it was what I felt I could still be great at. It takes constraining ego and turning it to inquisition. Thats the excitement of a chance at living. Possibility. If you've ever taught kids, you have seen this is innate, the illumination of self when wonder is introduced. 

Music is my way to talk with whatever God might be. Thats where I find it. It may be of complete inconsequence to anyone else, and I have to be at peace with that.  I played solo last night at a toy museum in Mexico City. I was able to transcend whatever problems I think I have or anyone else has and communicate on a level that is all emotion. We could all feel it there. It doesnt happen every night, but it gets close. It comes in different colors. You have to allow it to. And not worry about your place in a world confused about places. Dont feel bad for you, ever. You got enough enemies you dont know about, dont add yourself.

Self pity is the death of possibility.

We are not more important nor deserve anything more than anyone else. When we can say and truly believe that, we have transcended the greatest illusion of our time - that of superiority. Music, when its about music, is the ultimate voice of equality. Beat the illusion and inquire. Be the mule.

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