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Airplane Music and Practicing non-acceptance of being considered vacant

This is what they play when you are dis-embarking an Aeromexico flight.

Make no mistake, it was focus grouped and selected with care.




My thought upon hearing is, does anyone actually like this?


The answer is generally, eh, no , not really, I mean whatever. Its fine, nice maybe.


And thats why its played. Its just fine. Int non-intrusive. It almost doesn't exist. Certianly not on any conscious level. 

That attitude is destroying us.


I do not intend to personally attack nor denigrate this singer nor his team of producers and writers. But something must be said. 


We cannot accept what is merely the least offensive as our entertainment or art. It says a lot about us. We are given the grayest, most predictable, least engaging art in the popular arena. It is safe and not threatening.


People retort, what do you want them to play on the plane? Zorn's Nosferatu? Derek Bailey?… Well that would be awesome, for me, but I am not that selfish.


How about something that sounds like a human being made it?

A sentiment that a human being truly has?

A story of interest?


Something opaque, non-specific for its lack of consideration, and pseudo-emotive is not getting us anywhere.


The Beatles. Sure, Thats easy. But even that is too threatening for them. They did acid for a while there. They choose a faceless LA studio track obliquely talking about love in a way that is sentimental and nostalgic, but not at all meaningful. How about Prince? Phish? Brad Mehldau? Bill Frisell? Soul Rebels Brass? Neil Young? Bill Withers?… I'm trying to be broad, and somewhat safe, here, but there are many many many, countless, wonderful artists that would help us feel a bit more human. Life with vibrancy. A bit of engagement. Now we've just got noise.


Im not asking for "radical" here, just actual music. That is actually somebody. Maybe we will be engaged. Maybe we will take notice of what we hear. Maybe not. But it will save me from feeling offended. Honestly, it is offensive what we are fed. Awake.


 Someone with some identity please. Just someone that is someone and being that someone. We feel like no one because we don't allow ourselves to be anyone. We accept the malaise. Enough.


So Im in the airport waiting for my ride, where I will go home, turn on Miles Live at the Isle of Wight, maybe some Mexican folk songs I have been studying, and bang on the keyboard until something sounds new and interesting. Then Im sending what I come up with to Aeromexico. They won't listen it. You gotta pay for that. Maybe a smaller line, like Aeromar. They'd play it for a modest sum.


Or, best yet, I live the wonderful live I am fortunate to, make my music, and talk to you about the things that are suffocating us. You and I can live at peace. Doing what we do. And we leave behind our little legacy of one in 8 billion as a voice that spoke truth. What else do you got?

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