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ALE + Hermanos Arango Tour

Hello everyone from Jazzatlan, a little club in the little Mexican town of Cholula, Puebla. There are over 360 churches in Puebla. True story.

We're here as a 9 piece incarnation of A Love Electric this time, joined by 6 musicians from deep roots Cuba. Los Hermanos Arango ( are in Mexico for a week long run, playing new arrangements of tunes of our ALE "son of a hero" record and whatever we come up with.

We met on a tour last year in Germany, both bands staying in the same house. I was able to get a tour together that supported the 6 coming to Mexico and its been magic. We all hang out, make music, learn. Its mostly what Ive always wanted to do, get as far away from commercial for sake of commerce music and into the spirit of music when its left to be wild and inquisitive. 

Here's a quick photo from the run thus far. Come back around for video soon.

We're off to Europe next week for a six week run that ends in Buenos Aires. Then back in Mexico for a busy April highlighted by a duo show with John Medeski of a new piece of music and a run with Cyro Baptista to release the CHANT record. Gonna get the people up and in it! Everyone from our neighborhood trash collector to my dear brother recorded on CHANT. Thats a story for next time.

If you are northwards, please emerge from Winter well!

Much Love

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