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I've spent the past couple days back in Billy Martin's basement outside NYC. A second home and where I lived while tracking 'Man With No Country". I've probably stayed here a month's worth of nights over the past year. A second family that has embraced what I am working on. I am very grateful.


Billy has a teahouse he built surrounded by a bamboo garden in his back yard. Go inside and you can be anywhere. I've been writing here a bit. Last night I sat at the piano until quite late working on some songs and exercising wonder - stream of conscience, transcending conscience. Improvising on the piano and talking to myself. An observer would see it as madly schizophrenic, Id guess, depends on the observer, but the places the exercise take me to are encouraging.


Into the city today for some playing with a great guitarist, Eyal Maoz. Aaron and Hernan arrive this evening.



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