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April Tour with Cyro

Following up on the last blog, we're also often asked by musicians how we get gigs, to travel to play, and so on. There is no secret besides persistence and skin thats willing to thicken, and making friends with people. Hang with folks, its fun, you learn, and shows come out of it. 

Here's the info we've been sending out to get on some festivals this April for a tour with A Love Electric and Cyro Baptista

Coming April, 2012, legendary percussionist Cyro Baptista (Sting, John Zorn, Yo-Yo Ma) and Neo jazz-rock burners A Love Electric will combine for a tour of Mexico that will serve as part philanthropy, part record release, and part creation. For two weeks, A Love Electric (Clouser, Hecht, Cruz, Aanderud, Allen) and Cyro will be traveling through the country, providing workshops to area youth, performing in some of Mexico's most celebrated venues, and recording two pieces of music highlighting their interaction with children of all socioeconomic backgrounds and experience as "musicians". Each performance will feature a set of music from Cyro (40 min), a set of A Love Electric (60 min), and culminate in a collaborative performance (20 min). Workshops will take place throughout the tour at selected schools, culture and charity centers, and feature an engaging, inclusive, and spirited opportunity for all children to discover and develop their own voice through sound.  The tour confronts the traditional model of bands out on the road, leaving behind a "perform and sell" approach for an interactive experience for communities as well as the musicians, all working towards the creation of the final product of new music.


Since arriving in the U.S. in 1980 from his native country Brazil, Cyro Baptista has emerged as one of the premier percussionists in the United States and abroad. Coinciding with the rise in the public’s interest of world music, Cyro has managed to record and tour with some of music’s most popular names. His mastery of Brazilian percussion and the many instruments he creates himself, have catapulted him into world renown.

With his own project, the percussion and dance ensemble known as 'Beat the Donkey' Cyro gives free reign to his imagination, mixing his tremendous musical skills, his natural humor and theatrical ways with instruments from Brazil, Middle East, Indonesia, Africa and US.

Cyro's credits read like a "Who’s Who" of modern music. He toured extensively with Yo-Yo Ma's Brazil Project, Trey Anastasio's Band (of Phish), John Zorn's Electric Masada, Herbie Hancock's Grammy award winning "Gershwin’s World" , Sting and Paul Simon's "Rhythm of the Saints". (



   A Love Electric embodies the international spirit of the creative music scene, featuring players from Mexico, the United States, and Argentina, touring throughout Latin America, the USA, and Europe. The band, led by guitarist Todd Clouser, and their unique brand of groove inflected jazz rock have risen from a small club act to being signed by renowned Ropeadope Records and on to Royal Potato Family Records (New York, NY) in just one year. The A Love Electric concert is a must see for any fan of creative music, the 5 musicians creating an energy explorative and driving. The infectious live show has taken A Love Electric to stages from Kuumbwa Jazz Center in Santa Cruz, CA to Jazz Dock in Prague, Czech Republic to Rockwood Music Hall in New York City. 





" A blistering neo-jazz rock quintet" - The Prague Post, June 15 2011 


 "An impressive modern outfit that takes its cues from fuzzed-out acid rock and laid-back vintage funk." - TIME OUT NYC, Dec 2011


 Todd Clouser en LA RAZON -


"(Cyro is)…The man the stars call when they want that otherworldly flavor in the mix…" - Time Out New York

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