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I was planning to work on some music last night but got into to this Facebook circle on the visual arts. A friend asked me (Facebook terms, not certain) to post a painting by Monet, and assign an artist to each person that like the painting. The result was hours of discovery. There was a lot of liking happening that got me researching artists I never would have, committed as I was to seeing my part of the deal through.

Below a few of the discoveries. This is not meant to be a substitute for engaging fully into these artists' work, more time required now! All these artists have work you can view online with a simple Google or preferred search engine search.


   This is a painting by done in blood by Jordan Eagle. 


A surrealist photographer from Iran, Hossein Zare.


The body art of the Surma people, southern Africa.



Max Ernst. 20th Centruy German Painter/Sculptor.

Monet's "Sunrise' interpreted on a man's face.

Kimsooja "To Breathe - A Mirror Woman"

There was much much more, but hopefully thats something new, and enough to get started.


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