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Art is Power and We Have a New World to Create

Art is Power. The power of the invididual. Art is the power of the individual to express. Art is the power of the individual to express and create community. Art is ours. It cannot be institutionalized. It is human. Its the blood that runs between what I write and what you read. That is art.

You cannot let yourself be compromised by a desire to belong in a world of institution, judgement and acceptance. That is not the great art of the tomorrows. It doesnt happen where its coddled. Tomorrow's art is the art of the blood, of humanity, of our experience. This is what is happening.

We get desperate and lose our art. The oppressive and repressive cut you at the knees, at the art. They want you to lose your voice. They want you to become confused, and cynical, and all knowing and quicker to judge than to consider, and that kills the art. And when the art is dead, we are dead. We just do. We don't live, we get lived. 

Art is only you. The way only you can think. That is why you are alive. That is why I am alive. To make our art. As one, as a community, as a society, and as a species. Do not be confused. Do not know other than knowing you must do what you are. There's no other reason to live. Do what you are. Be your art. 

Art is power. Power fails when not exercised. You have to use your art. You have to believe it. The less you think and the more you start doing it, the more you will know what you are doing is right. That is your art. Your big grand triumph in a world of opposition to how you feel is your ability to share it. Don't waste your time fighting to be part of some institution, ideology, or scene that will spit you out when it doesn't need you. You are more important than that.

Art is conversation. You don't have to paint. You don't have to sing. You can sit at a piano and be silent. That is art. Art is the action. The action of inaction. The action of action. Its what you decide it is. But YOU have to decide. You get to decide. And then thats art. Art is the choice to be alive. Art is power. Art is your power. Do it. Do it. Don't ask what is wrong before you try first. Your first word. There's your poem. Your first shout. This your protest, your agreement, your love, your anger, your triumph. Art is transcendence. You don't have to belong anywhere. Voice Voice Voice Art. Fear is the plague of modernity. Make your Art. Be an artist in speech, in silence. But be beauty. Whatever that means to you. Allow yourself to be alive.

We have a new world to create.

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Excelente Todd. Saludos! It sound like a good song lyric, it has a great rhythm!

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