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Between Buenos Aires and Lima is Atlanta

Here in Atlanta at the airport I know and maybe love so well. Sunday we drove 6 hours in the morning from Chos Malal, on the border with Chile, 6 hours to Neuquen. We hung and ate with family. We then took a 14 hour bus from Neuquen to Buenos Aires, mostly passout the entire time. It had been 6 shows in 6 days with lots of running between. We wended up at this little bar in the afternoon drinking sparkling waters, thats all they had, in the hood near the airport, waiting for our planes. Aaron and Hernan went back to MX City and I'm on my way to Peru, but had to fly to Atlanta first, which was another 10 hours.

I love all that. I could live in planes and buses without thought. Constantly on the edge of discovery. 

The music we played in Argentina, and the crowds and venues, really felt encouraging. Some tours are good, some not. It can be hard. But it has to be, it makes the music go. This tour was exhausting but musically it was really heavy. We also played to big crowds, something not always the case. There are shows where a thousand people can be there, but we still have epic misses where 10 people show up in Metepec or Eugene, Oregon for whatever combination of reasons. But if you find a way and reason to make the music alive and vital on those, dead quiet, nights, you start to realize what its all about. Its not about who is there if its not first about the music. You have to battle for it, the creative process, the discovery, the truth. When you find it you cant explain it, but you feel it.

We are communicating in deeper ways, pushing further into the songs, and its just really human. Its emotional and its what allows me hope. 

Here's a video from the run I pieced together. Its light hearted and all, but come to a concert sometime. Got to feel it.


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