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Burlington, Vermont


The spaces between American cities are beautiful. Today, down through the Catskills, Adirondacks, cafes and gas stations with family names. The cities of the United States are disappointing to me. You can be in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Times Square, or the waterfront in Seattle and you find a Starbucks , a Wendy's, Best Buy, and whatever McDonald's owns that isn't called McDonald's. Some people like the predictability. I only want to know whats coming when Im scared of what might not. It's like listening to corporate radio. Shades of beige. You don't have to pay attention to, or participate in, that degradation of the human spirit. You don't have to practice homogeny nor adhere to it.  My heart has to feel alive, not suffocated by same. Im more at home in Honduras than the American suburbs I grew up in. Just how the brain works I guess. Also God.
Burlington was a fun show in a super vibey room called Radio Bean. I played solo and am enjoying that more and more. Some things to work on and flesh out, but there's an immediacy in communicating that way. I played the set without stopping. Im not always comfortable making people feel like they have to clap after everything. Just tune in at the beginning and out at the end. I like that concept, that the concert is one long story birthed in the moment. 
Setlist The Radio Bean - Burlington, VT   8/30/2013
Mighty Bird
Hollow Ego
Pocketful of Bones
Rock and Roll (Velvet Underground)
I'm Afraid of Americans (David Bowie)
How to Trust a Lover
Wake and Shake Your Heart
Where's Her Money From
Real Kind Mama (Blind Willie McTell)
The Naked Beat
Your Sin is Beauty
The Golden Age (Beck)
Set played without pauses


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