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We just released this record CHANT in Mexico City. The show was the type of experience I've had with music when we are at our best together.

The stage is trivial, lights, the idea of the spectacle, the solo, the athleticism, all uncovered as often contradictory to the spirit of the  human ritual of creating and celebrating sound together. People get on stage and are just as much part of creating as someone who has studied or composed or gotten paid. All that is lost and we are a community that creates. The people that come sing are often more important than what we might do out of habit as experienced musicians on a stage. They have no licks or tunes or successful habits to rely on. The ONLY thing they can do is emote and express. They don't know if its good or bad and you can see them lose any fear of that once the support of the band hits. They do know when it feels. You see people overcome. My dream has always been to create a concert experience like you see in some Southern Baptist churches. Joy so heavy there is a pain to it. If you feel like shouting, you can, you should.

Thats where I want to live. In the experiment of the human spirit. There is still hope to create something new and sincere. 

Thank you to everyone who came out the CHANT show in Mexico City. There are a few more planned for the summer.

The record and story are available at

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