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CHANT - Street Music

My apartment in Mexico City is on Rumania street. The whole city is avant orchestra, sound of surreal, blood wild.

Here’s a song (piece of music?) off the “Chant” record that attempts to share the sounds of the street in morning at its most colorful. It is indeed an experiment and not meant for late night listening nor any traditional kind of dancing.

I recorded the neighborhood trash collector, 40 or so friends in my apartment, some friends in Minnesota chanting street advertisements from MX City translated literally to English  for humor’s sake (“The repairing of the machine”…”little hot ones”…”corn bake!”), and passing trucks that have loudspeakers fastened to their roofs.


I love living where I do, not sure it would be for everyone, but there’s a lot to take from if you want to make music, maybe too much.


The repairing of the machine.



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