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Chiapas Filming and Duo with Billy Martin

We Just finished a week in the Mexican state of Chiapas filming for a documentary on music. The film is a collaboration between Billy Martin, Mario Rodriguez, and myself. With the amount of travel we are doing with the band, it only made sense to make use of the downtime on the road. I often regret going somewhere and never experiencing it.

I hope we share the film sometime in the next year. For now, we have Argentina, Peru, New York and New Orleans, and much more Mexico to come. What I am learning is incredible. I am excited to share it, and to keep learning.

The world is small and big and mostly magic. The young are smart and know more than we think they do. Everyone wantsto feel alive and loved, and are willing to share that if they are receiving it. We are mostly all aware we live in a world of mass illusion, but accept parts of it as necessary to feed our families. The world can get better, hope is not over. Honesty feels profound. People have new ideas but are challenged and sometimes defeated by old ideas with money and power. Music is sacred. We are dreaming people, everyone. It takes smart work.


  I also got a chance to play in DUO with Billy, which turned into double duo for a set with Tom Kessler and Pedro Cervera. I still love being a child. Billy's advice to me has almost always been encouragement to express more sincerely and with conviction. The struggle with doubt, the great plague on humanity. After about 40 minutes of playing this set of music, Billy said to me, fuck it, go. All this came out after that. I am very happy it did. Love and trust, if it comes from others and is sincere, it helps me learn how to express those things myself without fixating on the outcome or reaction of others. It is a miracle when honesty is all that is important. That feeling transcends all I've learned and wanted to unlearn. There is no struggle then. For some moments.


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