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Conviction, Maybe?

My most common impulse in sharing thoughts on music and artistry here is to open my chest and let the doubts fall out. Insecurity, uncertainty, trials in being heard and wondering if you are any good. I'm thinking more recently, and perhaps as much as an exercise as for a convincing piece on my experience, that whatever doubt I experience is matched by an often out of conscience conviction. Why am I still here doing this? I've been ripped off and had records bought and not bought and people come and not come and torn up over songs I have and havent written. I would do that all again. I will do that all again. Its not going to go to plan. When you have experienced the impossible, all you can ever do is go there again.

Whatever Im doing here with music and time on Earth is driven by some wild and to experience the unattainable, to convince myself that we can be lifted by the miracle. 

So I look at what is happening, and we are playing with heroes, and more people come to the concerts, people take pictures, but still sometimes no one goes, and I care less and less. Because the music is more and more. I can understand why it lands its lovers under bridges. Im fully convinced of what it can do. And if there is something to be proud of, its the ability to practice, create, and share with more conviction than before. I can mostly feel honest on stage, or alone in the corner now. Thank you for allowing that to happen.






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