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Europe in Photos

We just got back from Europe - Portugal, Spain, Germany. It was our best tour thus far. People came out to all the shows, the music was heavy, and we are heading back soon.



Setlist somewhere. I usually ask Hernan to borrow a pen a few minutes before the show and reach in the pocket for a receipt. Inevitably, the pen is lost after the list is made and we dont play the set anything like it was written.

Friend from clean up days in Minnesota, Derek Kelly, came out to our show in Jersey and bought the first copy sold of "Man With No Country".

Spiderman has gotten sad in Times Square.

 Hernan practicing in the Catskills. This beautiful and magic barn at a friend of the band's home.

Chaim Tolwin has a collection of percussion instruments.

This is Dred Scott with his daughter Lucy. Dred played with ALE at Shapeshifter Lab in Brooklyn and Lucy took the show in with her moms.

Sunrise walk in Berlin.

Foreshadowing at Jazzclub Tonne in Dresden. 

Chaim Tolwin's place, and his protector, Bear, in a city with no name, upstate NY. 

James Blood Ulmer plays here? Must be good tonight.

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