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The best people to play music for are the ones over the bullshit. Or unaware of it.

They don't have any interest in being sold anything, or part of anything. They just want the music, and to feel it. Kids, people without TVs, the elderly, the ones past judgement. Passion receptive, gimmick allergic. People call them dreamers, dropouts, but they always end up being right when, if, we look back and consider.

We want to be lifted, torn up, bloodshook. Voice and character. Acknowledgement of each other as equal, valid beings worthy of truth.

Thats why music is beautiful and it wins. It sheds the untruths. At its core, it is only language, and communication, but one that carries a weight, a possibility, of transcending the capabilities of any other means of communication. It communicates feelings.

Experience is shared in an abstract manner that is somehow more direct and revelatory than any spoken word. It is beauty when allowed to be so.

When your goals are for music, for art, and for each other, a concept of truth beyond yes' and no's exists.  I don't know why. Thats not important.


Whats is important is that we respect that. And nurture it, love it, share it, speak honestly and openly about it. Feelings. Yes, feelings. How we feel. Don't be cheap on yourself. Believe big. Go with who you love, and what you love.


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