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Filming Time

Hey Everyone. Thank you for coming around.

I have been in Central America the past week, playing in Panama and working on a documentary in Costa Rica. Its beautiful here, people, land, sea, food. I'm just beginning work on a long project, but its gotten off well. Wanted to share the early pieces of what will be a film documentary and accompanying record that is taking us from NYC to Panama Pero, south of Argentina, and not sure where else yet.

Weent to Cahuita National Park today in Limon and the park entrance man was the grandson of the musician, Walter Ferguson, I was hoping to meet. We walked the park and I wrote for a while under the monkeys until we were directed to a small cafe where we met Walter Ferguson. Walter is an icon to many, though I only became of aware of his work in the past week traveling and playing here. For us from the US, his music connects to the Delta blues first generation (Walter being 91 years old), though with a more Caribbean color. Robert Johnson of Central America is how Ive heard it termed, though these comparisons always have their issues. Hear his music in the comments section below.

Walter was seated alone at the restaurant he hangs at daily. We talked for an hour about Calypso, why we make music, how he takes his notoriety, and Costa Rica. He is remarkably humble and warm. At 91, he does not see well but is as bright and deliberate with word as anyone I have met. 
I asked him his thoughts on the USA and he replied that he has only been to Connecticut once, so it wouldn't really be wise to have an opinion on an entire country of people he does not know.
Our talk will be part of a documentary on Musics of the Americas we continue work on with Billy Martin in February in Chiapas.


Good evening from Hotel Agapi on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. There is a small island on the point you can see from our room where birds land in flocks, then fly away every few seconds as the waves crash.


Much Love


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