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I've spent what feels like much of January in Mexico City. Its a great city for me to be writing in, constantly fascinating, everything moving forward. I'm also fortunate to have been embraced by some incredible musicians and friends here. It was all love from the beginning.

A few months ago I asked a great guitarist based here in the city, Alex Otaola, if he wanted to do some improvisation shows. He did. We did one at this small arts club called Foro 81, where a lot of incredible things happen. It was part of a festival called Arts Futura, appropriately.

We talked about doing something further, and opened for illyB and Wil Bades - Billy Martin.  And now we've got a record w'ere working on together. Part of the commitment I made when we started working with Royal Potato Family, aside from putting out three records in a year, was to release a record of takes on folkloric material each year. Until I die. Just kidding. Anyway, for now.

So Alex and I talked about something where we took folk songs from each side of the US/MX border and arranged them a bit, learning a bit about each other and our cultures in the process.

It has been working. I'm working on these songs, and approaching them with respect but also imagination. I love this song Huapangero


And one of the US side of the b


We hung and talked today and it went well. Tried not too play too much, to let what is gonna happen between us happen on tape. So its quite a bit different from 20th Century Folk Selections in that way. Friday A Love Electric plays The Naked Beat at Zinco in the Centro Historico and up to the US for a couple months on the cold road. Much love

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