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From Slovenia

Coming down from 22 show in 26 days in Europe for a few hours in Mexico City before Cumbre Tajin Festival.
The world is less scared of each other than we’re all led to believe, but more scared of each other than we need to be. 
I am forever grateful to the people we have met that put in the work to invite us to their communities. We are all time-short, illusory or not, living in the tech work-tainment world, and are offered countless distractions that keep us from doing things like going to concerts of new music. It is increasingly hard to engage people in the unpredictable. We are experts quickly. It takes people with real initiative and fire, crazy people, to make live creative music work. It can, and does, and did across 6 countries in towns from Paris to the Slovenian countryside. But it takes heroes (relative I know).
Sometimes the people that make these shows go are called promoters, but really these are community organizers. People who have a vision and work to realize it, often times their only reward the joy in sharing and perhaps their personal enjoyment of the artistic expression that takes place. I believe in this work and what we do together now more than ever. The quality of the relationships we have created with people across the world by way of music, humor, empathy is all hope at a time when hope is thin.

We do not have to allow our art, our relationships, our hopes to be dictated by a mass market conformist mentality. We are all far better, wiser, more compassionate. It only takes vision, belief, and work.

As an artist, I am constantly reminded on these tours that approval, as fine as it may feel, is not the end. The process of creating is it’s own reward.

As a listener, I am reminded I have to stay engaged, curious, and pro-active. The reward is inspiration.

The way forward is resisting the homogenized thought, art, market, and concept by offering committed alternatives.

Grateful to Hernan and Aaron for being two parts of a three fisted democracy functioning in all it’s appropriate disfunction, an endless exercise in empathy.

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