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We can become so concerned with ourselves we lose any ability to consider the idea that maybe our convictions are at the very least worthy of question, and in some cases, wrong. The ego rules in modern capitalist culture, we like to win and have demonstrated exceptional talent for deluding ourselves into believing no one was treated unfairly or unjustly by our actions, in fact we often somehow reason we were helping them, and that we are in fact brilliant, often misunderstood voices. Our emotional survival instinct creates the ego to shelter us from what can be a difficult onslaught of reality as to our place in things, so impulsive reaction becomes the norm, self defense, posturing, etc.

The finest manner to combat the ego and its cunning attempts to govern our actions and desires is the practice of gratitude for not only what we have to enjoy, but gratitude for the accomplishments of others. Creations of others deserve our gratitude. Simple gratitude, ahhhh

Here are some musical goods I am grateful to have the chance to spend some time with these holidays

Most gorgeous tune... to me... Mingus' - to Lester Young - "Goddbye Pork Pie Hat"

Admittedly, sadly, I only heard Eyedea posthumously, this on air freestyle is modern bebop




Grateful these guys worked it hard. Makes the heart shake, puts the hips on the make.

Performance art meets Bob Dylan's "Love Sick", raw lyrics, brilliant band, passion dance

Remember seeing this on SNL as a kid for the first time.... and my angst had a voice.

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