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How It Feels When the Music Happens

How it Feels when the Music Happens


When music happens like it can, you leave the ground. Anything petty dissolves into its own weakness. You are left in air with gods and colors, the people you are making sound with, and whoever in the audience has come along that night. Its the contrary of escape. Politics go away. Image, money, vanity, irony all become meaningless. It feels like being human. You are vulnerable and dying in a brilliant howl of naked life. 

I moved to Mexico City to make the music I want to make. Most everything I've done since my late teens was in the interest of making music. Its the only way I know how to try and make sense plausible. Sense I have not found but the possibility of beauty, I have. The process is what is important. We are all going nowhere, but capable of how we get there, what we experience, what we leave behind us.

In the city here I play music most nights on a stage. I am told it is self destructive to play this often in regards to creating demand and developing some sort of image. It doesn't matter. I want to die having done all I could. Last night I played a lot of new music I have been writing with a group we are calling Film Speak. Im thinking about adding an "s". Film Speaks. I left happy and knowing three other people in an intimate way. How we communicate and share with each other is beautiful when it is allowed to happen.

Tonight Im going down the street with my friend Daniel Jodocy to make music to short film. I have no plans for how I will feel tomorrow, but there is a chance something new will be alive in me.


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Well done; petty dissolves . . . left in air with God and colors. What we experience . . . what we leave behind us. Dynamic thoughts that create a legacy, something is knocking at your door.

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