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How To Trust A Lover - Song Story

I am good at falling at love, not always at living in it. I want to exist in some other feeling. I wrote this song, "How To Trust a Lover" (listen below) after a loss I thought I wanted, sitting on a one sheet bed in a barely standing pink colored motel halfway down the Baja Peninsula in a town called Cataviña. 
I was afraid I was losing whatever hurried blood I had. Worried myimagination was growing dull. Worried from knowing that I was like all of us.

We recorded the song as solo guitar at One East Studios in NYC and sang it afterwards. Anton Fier produced the record, and decided to leave it mostly as voice and guitar. We didn't really talk about that decision, but I know he appreciates the honest expression of vulnerability. Yohei Goto engineered and is the quiet hero of this record.

We talked about playing a melody line or solo on it, and it didn't feel right to me to overdub guitar. Guitar solos I've done too many, and didn't want to impose that on a song like this. I suggested Steven Bernstein come play one note. His one note isn't like anyone else's. It hangs in the beautiful spots. He ended up playing three notes. I wasn't there when he tracked, but its my favorite moment on the record. Erik Deutsch plays the B3.  * Anton Fier plays the percussion magic as well. Shaker I think. I wasnt there when he added these parts, and had wrongly assumed it was Billy Martin. Two incredibly musical drummer artists I have the fortune of knowing.

"Man With No Country" is the record, out on Amulet Records and available at stores and online everywhere.

The video is in the comment below, just a moving image in hopes the eyes keep the ears in place long enough to hear the song. I filmed it with my phone at a Cenote on the Yucatan Peninsula an hour outside of Merida.

How To Trust a Lover - Todd Clouser - Produced by Anton Fier - With Steven Bernstein, Erik Deutsch, Billy Martin from Todd Clouser on Vimeo.


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