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"Information Blue" with Billy Martin

Here’s a clip from an improv session Billy Martin and I did at Studio Hecht in Mexico City last week. Its called “Information Blue”. I wrote the words down quick after a conversation about the weight of being over informed and under informed in the information age and we just played. It is really beautiful to play with Billy on these short runs we have done in Mexico and a bit in the US. We spend a lot of time in vans and planes and all this talking. Billy has always been inspiring to me because he is sincere in his music and with word, a wild but wise creativity out of commitment to good and love, without having to talk about love all the time. 

We recorded about 40 minutes of music in 2 long pieces this afternoon at Hernan's studio. No plans with it or for it, just a chance to play. I always wanted to play rock rock music with Billy, and thats kind of what this became. It felt good to record something without feeling like I had to do something in particular with it. 

Im releasing what we recorded, additional clips, just through the Music Mission site, our philanthropic program to support the creation of new music in underserved areas. Sign up for 5 bucks and you can download some of our session.

Music Mission patrons can get the music at






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