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Late in Jersey

The way things have turned on themselves, the most rebellious, art committed, revel/evo-lutionary spirited act you can make with your music is to show up to your gig, play it sober and vulnerable, with every emotion you have available for uncovering, and tell the truth. Acknowledge beauty. Committ with class. Get in your art. Call it art. Be serious about yourself. Demand great. Love it when its not. Then make something else. Commit to growth.


Hang and listen and opine. Hug and love. Thats badass.  Tell the truth and be direct. Vibery is cheap, easy egoism and ultimately reeks of desperation for adoration. 


Hardest and easiest. Be yourself. Ask that of others. 


 Invite others, don't be angry if they don't come.

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