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Leaving Europe

Seated between men on smartphones in the Amsterdam airport, Schiphol. It was a really good tour through Spain, Germany and on to Prague. They were a few shows we got to somewhere really new with the music. That feeling of connection in discovery is magic. People came out, got things happening to come back. 

I spent a lot of time writing music on this trip. There's a lot to watch and consider on these runs and if I am connected and can focus, I can make use of it.

Most of the writing time was spent on a song suite for the ArsFutura festival in Mexico City. The suite is for rhodes, effects, guitar and voice, and we present it as a duo with John Medeski.

I'm enjoying more and more the research part of writing when I have a specific concept in mind. So, some music I've been checking out.

From Duke Ellington's "New Orleans Suite"

Its just beautiful. I am naive in many ways, including knowing much about Mahalia Jackson. But if she is anything like this piece of music suggests, we are old, new, and future lovers. Max Roach's Freedom Now Suite When music talks about what is important, the human experience at its most essential, of triumph, of possibility, and of disdain for the liar. Thats why I loved music. Music is our tool to realize our possibility, for the better or for the worse. Use it well, like Max here.

Thanks for coming by here. It means a lot that you support the chances we take.



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