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Love Reign O'er Me

We are done a dis-service by the amount of anger and resentment in our world. I do not want to be a piece of perpetuating it. So how do I stop the cyclical nature of want and envy? 


How do I avoid impulsive-me-love and find the substantive love of self that holds significance and allows me to be better to, and for, others. 


The only way I know how, that I feel truly bettered from, is by speaking about it. With others. By writing about it, here. By singing about it. Sometimes it sounds angry, but its not, I am not angry at anyone. I want to acknowledge what I have experienced, some of it we all have. Its emotion, and we are able to share in it. That is positive, its growth, its betterment, and its taking personal responsibility for doing our part to encourage and inspire. Tell the whole story, there's a lot there for everyone. Don't hide. You die with that stuff. Actually it kills us, as is said, and moreover, it owns you until you allow it to be part of a world that is bigger than the individual. Open and speak, consider. 


Move beyond thinking about others in any way other than from the standpoint of empathy. That is dramatic and difficult. I cannot do it yet, but I want to, and i believe we can.


Turn off hate. Be liberal with your word if you believe it. People can decide.


There is no difference in anger and hate. Yours is just as petty as theirs. Transcend it, take that energy and inspire. Take care of yourself by allowing yourself to be yourself. Get on with it. 


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