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Man With No Country out soon

Greetings from beautiful Lisbon. Abrazos todos - Often times reviews dont mean much. This one is different.  

NYC's Dowtown Music Gallery claims our new record "Man With No Country"is "definetely the punk-rock-song record of the year (Decade?)". DMG is the creative music authority I've been subscribing to for over a decade. Its very special they took the time to check out our new album, much less rave about it.

 I recorded "Man With No Country" with Anton Fier (Golden Palominos, Michael Stipe (REM), Lounge Lizards) producing and Billy Martin - a hero since my teens, now dear friend - is releasing it on his label, directing videos for the "singles", and giving me a home while in NYC recording and playing. -   

11 singing songs of my own, "Man With No Country" can now be pre-ordered on ITUNES with a video directed by Billy Martin, or at the Amulet Records Store here

DMG goes on to say " Oh My God. Intelligent Songs, creative and masterful playing from all the luminaries involved - and Todd himself! - it's punk, new wave, no-wave, singer-songwriter all at once, BUT it's not retro, it's completely FRESH!      

2 . We're still coming down from two magic shows in Berlin and Dresden to full houses. Portugal and Spain this week and then its back to Mexico and long runs in the western US. All the dates are up at

3We need you! DMG thinks we're good, and commitment has never been greater, but making music a life's work requires help. We need yours! Please spread the word, share on your social media, invite friends to our shows, anything you can to let people know we are out making impassioned music. Once people know, they keep coming back. Your word means a lot to your friends and is our way to reach new ears. Your support is not taken for granted.

4. Interview with Billy Martin - Billy took some time to interview me in his truck, talking "Man With No Country". I still get a bit awe-struck at times hanging with Billy. Watch it happen on tape! 


Thank You for your supprot and time reading. Much Love. Todd


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