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Medellin and the music market

If you want to find the songs, go where the trains are.
We are in Colombia for two A Love Electric shows in Bogota and sort of attending this music market called Circulart in Medellin. The market situations can be useful for the band and there's good folks, but its also really terrifying and operates separate of the artistic process, the part where I prefer to spend my time but don't always get to. Its part of the process if you want to do your music, finding a way to represent yourself in these things, or to labels or promoters. I don't love it. We all just wish someone would discover and promote what we do as something good and get us compensated for it, but thats not what happens without getting out and behind it the way it works in the modern music barely-an-industry. It takes much more than the music.

Hernan and I went and hung a bit today at the music market until I start to shake and go silent, leaving the lifting to my trusted brother, and I escaped to run around all the places in Medellin they tell you not to go to. Im much better than I was, but anxiety in these situations of new people and convincing or even making it easy nice light talk is something Ive always dealt with. Its much of the reason I think I chose to communicate with music since I was a kid. I think we all deal with this, but when it hits hard enough that your presence may be counterproductive to what you are trying to achieve, get out. I did.

I walked around sat under the train station and wrote for a couple hours watching the the man with the open fly shine shoes, the older men drinking liquor from plastic cups, crayon color buses, the block deep bank lines, the shouting for a sale. Music everywhere.

I sang under my breath the song I've always been trying to write, the greatest song ever told, Bob Dylan's "It's Alright Ma, Im only Bleeding".

So I got new songs and Im ready to play. Maybe Hernan booked us some things. Maybe not and I'll just keep singing to myself. Thats actually not that bad.



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