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I'm writing this from the corner chair in Billy Martin's living room. I stay here in his basement when I am in NYC. He and family are real as we can be. I love them dearly and am humbled I ended up in this wild life where I sleep in the basements of my heroes. Billy is an artist. A real one that speaks with a voice his own. He is helping me with my music and career, really just by talking to me at all, but it has grown to a place where I am comfortable being given drect advice or criticism, and he is comfortable delivering it. That is friendship that has matured. And it is serious. Serious love. Because we both want the same thing. Great art and fairness for it. Not just for ourselves. We do not sit and talk about the way to make the most money the fastest. We are talking about how to make the most honest art forever. Part of that is making sure you have enough money to make it. But thats it. I can't pretend I'm near reaching the level of honesty billy has with his art, but I can look him in the eyes when we are talking and feel a bit of what it is like to be there. Its hard, but joyous, that place. I don't want fame. I want legacy. Even if I am the only one that notices.

I fell into this world of beautiful family, and somehow deduced from that how to forge relationships with impassioned, committed people. Steven Bernstein, Billy, Anton Fier. It is a disservice to mention people, their names only separated by a comma, when they have touched me so profoundly.

FInd a mentor. Send your heroes, the real ones who you admire for what they stand for, a mail. The real ones. The ones who celebrate integrity over adoration. The world is full of quiet miracle makers. 

I am going to write music now.


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