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I'm so very grateful to all the people that have been kind and accepting of me in Mexico. Your country is incredible and there is no place in the world like it and no place I'd rather live, create, learn and share what I love to do with music. 

Tonight we played in a big theater in Morelos at a jazz festival organized by students. What they accomplished, the venues, promo, audience, fair pay for musicians is the best we could hope for as musicians, and our way forward. If there's no festival, we make one, no venue, we build one, no market, we create one. Playing to this amount of people in venues like this playing the music I, now we, want to and need to is something that couldn't happen where I am from. 

I think it's not about better or worse or competition, it's about the personality of the culture here. What I was looking for I found in Mexico, and something in what I do is good for some people here. If I can be in a place where what I love and work at is useful not just for me, but for others, I'm realizing there really isn't anything left to want. 
Here in Mexico, more than anywhere else in the world where I play, when we show up and lay out all we have in its human, imperfect, uncalculated state, people are there to embrace us. 

Thank you thank you to all who support our art, the arts, the promise of art, it's inquisitive and empathetic nature. It saves people. Saved me from the worst.

Thanks Carlos Kubli for the photo.



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