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Mexico City Earthquake

Home in Mexico City with a little time, and need, to reflect.
Thoughts and action the past 48 hours have been with everyone here in Mexico that has suffered from the earthquake. People are still being rescued. No words suffice for those who have lost someone. Love is what we have to promise. We have a family of 3 affected by the earthquake that is staying with us in Portales and have been out donating water, visiting friends affected, and friends here organizing stuffed animals - this made me cry - to a nearby shelter. Many have been working much harder and endless love and admiration for those selflessly giving themselves to others throughout central Mexico. Heroes are everywhere.
Some thoughts I want to share -
Where I grew up, when tragedy struck, we hid in our homes until authorities came to tell us it was ok to go out, or as they arrived quickly to take folks in need to hospitals. Here, in Mexico City, people ran to each other as tragedy hit. People came out to fallen buildings to donate shovels and picks and buckets and to sift through debris. They buy batteries and lights for citizen rescue efforts, donate water and food and medicine in citizen organized donation centers all over town, and coordinate rescue efforts themselves. They put white signs on their civilian cars if they have a medic available. Neighborhood people, adolescents up to grown men, walk to the major intersections to direct traffic. It is impressive, and inspiring, and impossibly sad all at once.
The Mexican people have an incomparable spirit of community that manifests itself when it is time to “lend a hand” or organize on their own. I see this over and over. Perhaps too many years of no help, if not outright purposeful hindrance, from the top, the “clase politica” and the dis-informing media they run, has taught people here how to take the initiative. If a situation requires honest empathy and action, the people know it falls on them to realize this.

These are good people here. They will need your help. Write here if you need information on how to support.

I am forever grateful to live and be part of the good that happens in this beautiful city.

I sat down coming home last night and wrote this song out of necessity, recorded quickly with my phone here in my apartment. Music is the only way I know how to express much of anything.
And so our mystery grows
The uncertainty everyone knows
Under the innocent sky
We were all the same for a while

The weather’s desperate sound
The neighbor gone running out
Lets be alright
Lets be alright

We are in the hands of the clowns
Tossed up, coming down
The chances we take
are bets someone else made

Whats my time worth

The last man on earth

The way the streetlights shook
The fall of the innocent books 
We are the beautiful men
We are women heroes again

From the dust stand the dreams
Tears turned up their cheeks
Like nothing I ever seen
Like nothing I ever seen

Whats my time worth

The last man on earth


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