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Mexico, Trump's wall

Hello. Hola.
Im Todd. Soy Todd, here with a bunch of friends in Mexico.
I feel fortunate to be a resident of Mexico.
Me siento afortunado ser residente de Mexico.
This country where I spend much of my time is a beautiful place of colorful personality, people, and culture, though not without some problems, most of them tied to greed and a corrupt politic, much like the country I am from. The USA elected a bad bad guy, not unlike the guy here in Mexico. The USA, a place that gave me many opportunities for which I am grateful, was seen, perhaps not universally, as the example of reason and innovation. That is changing.
We cannot let bluster and ego from marginally elected officials divide us as people. The Mexican people, and the norteamericanos I know get along, love, have families, create business and art together. We make use of each other's talents and cultures to create something better for both of us. It is not always easy but we are committed to decency.
Don't let these assholes tell us we are incapable of progress, compassion, and work together. We are better than both of our presidents. We are the people that actually do the living, the creating, and the compromise.

Agradezco la oportunidad de vivir y trabajar aquí, y me da coraje, pena, vergüenza lo que esta sucediendo ahora. Prometo resistir en palabra y acción. A trabajar.

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