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Moments Of the Brave

Our society here in the USA feels dangerously culturally grey. On a local and micro level, vibrant actions, statements, artistic moments take place, but on the macro level, we're foolish, shortsighted, and lacking inquisition. People need not protest, but be willing to speak truth at the risk of loss. What we think we have truly amounts to nothing if it is void of truth. Lies lose.

Mediocrity does not survive, it thrives in a money driven sales shove, but passes and is generally mocked. Never fails. The time it takes varies, but heart and direct expression consistently reveal themselves as truth.

Some examples below that met resistance. That resistance now seems pathetic. Look ahead, say your piece. Believe in it, because its yours. Some exceptional moments of humanity I regularly return to when seeking grounding, hope, and encouragement for committing only to truth.   


This is about more than Woody Guthrie. Anyone we had e admired and loved, been inspired by.   

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