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Music Goes Everywhere

We are a little beyond halfway through a mid/mtn/far west US run.  Its been really encouraging and fun the entire way. WE opened for Mike Dillon's band for a few shows and began west for a series of inexplicably beautiful drives. Through thte Texas panhandle. Hernan had gravy at the Econo Lodge there in Shamrock where they also served Texas shaped waffles.

But on through northern New Mexico, desert to foothill to Great sand Dunes National Park and the Rockies. I don't like that they named a sports team after the mountain range. Cheapens the range, though probably an effective branding campaign for the team.

We played in Moab on a Monday. Utah. I got pulled over for speeding in what is rated the "toughest police town in the US". I told the policeman I agreed I was speeding. He let us go because he liked music, especially rock, and the idea that we are a trio, "like Rush", he said.

Then came Highway 50 through Nevada. There is nothing there. Its just gorgeous and calming. And songs come dangerously. Its hard to drive and remember the 5 songs you are writing. I love that so much though. I've been driving around the country since I was allowed to, when I turned 16, mostly listening to and playing music, and it is never tiring. I wouldn't want to live anyway else. New people to look in the eye, make sound for. Its all very altruistic. 

We got through Nevada, played a good show in Oakland, then came up the mountain pass again through a a few feet of snow and played one of the best shows I can remember in South Lake Tahoe. "Best" is a horrible word. I don't mean in terms of how many people came out, or perfection in execution, but in discovery. We found further depth, commitment, and substance. Thats why we do it. The rest goes away.


We have a couple more days here in Tahe, then up the coast to Seattle and Portland. I sent an email to the Spoonman, this man Artis, a rather well known street performer, plays percussion with spoons, and asked if he would play with us in Seattle. He is into it, and a very interesting man beyond that. Looking forward 

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