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"Music is My Mother Language" Film Debut in Chiapas

Just leaving the beautiful Mexican state of Chiapas. We came down here for the Film Festival to debut our short documentary, "Music is My Mother Language", about a trip I took with Billy Martin last February to explore some of the music happening in southern Mexico.

We showed the film to the people it was about, free in the city center plaza projected on a big screen. 


We played a concert with John Medeski and Billy Martin the night prior in the DaDa Jazz Club here. The show was first scheduled to take place in the city plaza as well but the festival was shut down by protests. There has been a dispute here over the city market, marred by corrupt politics, money grabs, and at times violence, and a group of people in the city took to the plaza at night to protest and shut down the Film Festival in hope their voices are heard.


I hope their voices are heard as well. Thats what our film is about, or at least what we set out to do. We were here to connect with people and share their stories, simple, but inspires me greatly. Moving the concert and the film screening was a small inconvenience. These people have real issues much more important than our concert. 


 It you read Spanish, you can read about the screening here :


The concert with Billy and John was really full, with people outside on the streets listening and the club far past capacity. I started off a bit nervous, sitting between Medeski and Martin, but after a few tunes was able to get somewhere, and be connected.


We played some new arrangements I worked out quickly and a couple of my tunes, a Mago tune, and some standard-ish sort of things.



Mojet (Mago) > Improv

Gravy Waltz

Bombtrack (Rage Against the Machine) > Improv

Unbreak the Morning (Clouser)

Heaven on Earth

Nadie Me Debe (Clouser)

After the Goldrush (Neil Young)



The only way to see the film for now is to sign up at

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