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Music Mission Episode One

Im just back from Tlahuitoltepec, Oaxaca. There is a school up there in the mountains that is really special, called CECAM. We were able to teach, collaborate on some new music, and donate a bunch of books and instruments to what they do.

Check out what we do at I put together a documentary film of what we were able to do together. I enjoyed every part of the process, from the buses to the arranging, getting to know really warm and talented people. Its quite a heavy experience really and Im not prepared yet to put it to words - the notes tell a more accurate story.

Here's some photos from time working at CECAM and a little LQ/LD (its about the content!) video to say thank you. We worked on improvisation and ideas for unique voice in composition and performance, as they are already great readers with a really large repertoire of both their traditional and classical musics. I showed them Billy Martin's Stridulations exercises/pieces and those took off.

A complete experience married to the altruism I find in music. Is it anywhere else?

And a quick video saying thank you to all the people who made this possible by joining our Music Mission program at


Check out more at our Music Mission page.


Out to A Love Electric tour next week. 



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Wonderful concert yesterday in Puebla, wonderful music, wonderful people...thanks for shaking our souls

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