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MX City

Back in Mexico City after a really great weekend playing trio in the Baja with Seba Dimarco on bass and Sergio Hesting on drums. Tonight we're at Film Club in MX City, where our first gig was that anybody showed up to, a little over a year ago. The same friends still come, it overflows now. I'll be forever grateful to Film Club and everyone who hangs there. I took the metro, the MX City subway this morning and made the following observations :

Things that make the MX City Metro superior to other mass transit Ive spent time on
1 - Stops are marked by symbols as well as words (ex. this morning I am taking apple past Moses to flowers)
2 - There are no stoplights (Boston T Green line)
3 - You can buy action figures and small candies on your ride
4 - It is clean and relatively Tag-free and the equivalent of about 25 cents 1 way
5 - The doors stay open for only a short period of time, riding requires commitment

Then there were these toys being sold on the wall outside



I'm madly addicted to playing music for people, and myself, and feel hopeless without it, and hopelessly inspired with it. I've been really living inside the whole process recently, the results being a more stable and optimistic existence. Lots of writing, practicing, and as close to I can get as a routine, more a disciplined approach to tending to music every day. Writing every morning, never reading it back, is a great exercise, the right brain comes alive for the day. Maintenance practice and working on a tune a week, getting inside it. And constantly creating, it comes more easily when the other pieces are functioning. I couldn't fall asleep last night as ideas came, they had to be written down and remembered. So many great tunes get lost. 

And reading draws something out - this is the roof of our apartment building, and a fine place to read - recently on Monk's biography again, a book called The Four Agreements, and Burroughs' Naked Lunch, again



Ahh yea and check out our band! Here's a couple videos - "Little Boxes" is on our record coming Feb 14 - The next will come mid- June and feature "This Means Love" 



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