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New Mix, out of NYC, May is here, some of south America in some photos

At the JPFK Airport here in NYC, its 7 a.m. and very sunny. We've been here a week with a year's worth of energy. Its a madly neurotic city. We stayed in Manhattan in a little apartment in midtown, mixing with Patrick Dillett on the next A Love Electric record. I ran around a bunch, working with Billy Martin on our film, got to hang with guitar great David Tronzo at his place in New Hampshire.

Still living off a lot of what I got out of being in South America, the energy and art there. I settled on a title for the film, Awaking Alma. Its a little Spanglish, but Waking Spirit is whats been happening to me as I get to go out and create with these people, see what they do and why with music, and share a bit of humanity. I get back to life and less distracted by the world of commerce and want. 

This is a photo taken on the Ucayali River. We went up river 4 hours in this collective boat to live with a Shipibo community for some days. This boy and his father were on the boat, costs about one dollar, and gets you home.


Here are the father and mother of a shaman family we stayed with in the jungle. They sing, its quite incredible. Pedro and Anita. They also have Shipibo names, they are give both at birth, the Spanish slanted one and the Shipibo name. They mostly speak Shipibo with each other. Pedro's son was named Romnulo in Spanish, and in Shipibo something that translated to "bird that wakes". Quite beautiful.


And up to NYC, here's A Love Electric with Pat Dillett after our week of mixing and playing in the city. All good times. Look forward to getting this record out, Hernan produced it and we've taken great care to make certain its honest and us. 


Thanks for coming by. This month Im up ion the mountains in Oaxaca working with the CECAM orchestra. They'll be performing some A Love Electric tunes for a 50 plus member orchestra, pretty excited about that. Working a short EP with Renee Mooi as well, and gettign all in order to share this new record in August, and the film sometime in 2015.

 Ah yea, and Oscar Noriega, Phil Grenadier, Hernan Hecht, Brian Allen and I have a short run of jazz shows under the name "Voice of the Drowned" coming up. Music must be made. Its the best of us, when its right.

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