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Objects of Inspiration

Its important for me to be inspired, in the sense of continuos wonder. Ive played without it, and the heart is absent, its flat and I begin to feel like I should be somewhere being something I am not.

Here's some recent objects of inspiration that set me right, humble me, back to the place where we are all certain  our knowledge is limited to ourselves, and curiosity, imagination guide.



The story of Mickey Murray, dubbed years back as the next James Brown, and more specifically the censoring of this song due to its unabashed commentary on issues of race relations, is worth looking into. Music, power.


Billy Martin turned me onto the study, or simple joy of bird calls. Using these conversations, whether tonally, rhythmically, or sthe use of whatever emotion/color/word they bring to mind can offer a unique starting point for a tune, melody, thought, poem, whatever.



A dreamer of a musical statement.



The father, mother of them all. The first three sentences, and you could stop there. Its all there, beyond black and white. I return to this often.

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