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On a Cold Dark Beach

There was something happening there. I cant do much to explain. Something between the stars and my body. The space in there. I am reading the universe is a hologram. says about a hologram (among other things) "when it is placed in a beam of coherent light a true three-dimensional image ofthe subject is formed." To think that perhaps we don't exist until there is light. Of course there is light in darkness. Thats matter for the scientists that are paid to be scientists.

Out on a beach where people come to visit and walk, hand in hand, or the young couple naked, the old drunk I was preparing to be. Its not much like that any more. Sometimes I find that of concern. Things are going pretty well in my life, as far as I can tell. What to make of that? Pain, I know what to do with. Peace, thats frightening. 

Love your loved ones wildly in this Holiday season. 

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