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Outgrowing Growth to Degrowth in Japan and Morning in Portales, DF, MX

Mostly we look at the day with eye forward. Tragedy has not yet taken place, nor triumph.

Birds still live here. Still life. Nothing moves. Pause for the sun to set and gather why we have failed or loved. Distracted by vanity. And the what of me, the mind slowly trails to what may happen next without what finishing what could happen now. More birds. Wild wires of Rumania. The world is too small to make enemies.


I was reading an article on Japanese society and the younger generation there, largely born in the late 80's and early 90's. The take was that they have learned to outgrowth growth, to regrowth. In that, there is a sadness in resignation, but a heroism in humility. They are not ashamed to live with family and help provide in whatever manner they came, they often work part-time and are not fascinated with material goods. This is what the article says. I thought of myself, naturally. Isn't this what we do in want? Compare ourselves tirelessly, tiringly, to where we can never be the great that we have created and idealized, that doesn't exist and is unattainable in reality. Exactly. Maybe this is what the new generation knows. What we need most is to learn how to live together, not be better than one another. That can be happiness. 

its not just clever Zen-talk.

You get out into the world and u realize there are many ways that we don't need to grow for a while. Once we are able to understand that as hope, not defeat, maybe we have a chance.


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