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Own Your Thing

Years are passing. I am disenchanted with the political process. From governments to music career illusionists, they are liars at their best. This is not self pity. It is being resolute. There is quality, and honest intention. I do not always achieve it. We are not good as a society at identifying it. We are plagued by distraction. Our patience and interest has deteriorated into a narcisstic impulse to receive immediate pleasure.

I think we are better than that. I think we are capable of the extraordinary. Our life is not about us. It is about what we create that outlasts us. Think about that. This thing is not about me. I just die. I get to enjoy some things here, but truly what I find worthwhile is finding new. Be the first do something the way you do it. That inspires me. There are young and old people everywhere defying the norms of limitation. It is beautiful and inspiring.

Careful with people that have something to lose.

I dont know anything about how anyone else should be. There is infinite possibility in us, though we often cage it, or allow it to be caged, with and by fear. We are herd animals and want to be accepted. I have hurt from this. But it goes nowhere. 

Discovery hurts, and rewards. Chance is beautiful but intimidating. Resolution is in-absolute yet carries truth. 

Consumption is colored by a quiet desperation to belong. We were born belonging. They would have us forget this and look elsewhere for answers, as insecurity of one means money for another. They are wrong. We belong to each other and a much greater love. Of wonder, of possibility, of growth. That is what I am concerned with. 

Be the Mule.

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