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Pittsburgh, PA to Jersey

At a cafe, Mom's Dutch Kitchen, in Pennsylvania between Pittsburgh and New York City. Its Amish Country. Women have nets around their hair and men have beards. I feel underdressed but am treated courteously. 

Last night I played at the Thunderbird in Pittsburgh with Tony Grey and David Throckmorton. Those guys are fucking amazing. People and musicians. Played lots of ALE and some old tunes like "Mo City Kid" I hadn't done since I was in high school, as far as I remember. Something new to keep me uneasy enough to be vulnerable every night. The weakness is from where the conviction is born. Get shook up and beat up a bit and you'll find out fast if you really believe in what you're doing or not. 
On to Billy Martin's house in Jersey. The Martins are my second family. I sleep in their tea house when I'm in New Jersey. Its good time to write, eat family dinners, and hang with someone who inspired me as a young teenager to commit to your art with all you got, regardless of how fucked up someone may say you are. That's a hero. Someone to teach you conviction, even if its at odds with their own. 
The music was really good last night. Tony, who I respect and admire beyond words, had some really beautiful things to say after the gig. Things like that are very meaningful. The first tour I did Tony was in the band we were co-billing with, he's seen it when there was growth to be had. You get to know the hearts of these people. 

Setlist  Thunderbird Cafe 31/8/2013
Hollow Ego
This Means Love
All Apologies
Man With No Country
Pocketful of Bones
Where's Her Money From
How to Trust a Lover
Clock at the Top of the Town
Wake and Shake Your Heart


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