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Im very proud of this new A Love Electric record and all we have done - and not done - with this band. We have allowed the music to guide us. Thats what has gotten us to places from Managua to Berlin between genres and markets and all the other stuff that music, when left alone, doesn't pay attention to. We love the process over a sense of achievement. Our reward is the act of creating, whether it is a song or a community or a relationship.

This record is a document of that process, the one I've been married to since I fell in love with song and sound when I was a kid and the process we've committed to with A Love Electric because none of the 3 of us have the option not to. We need to make music. There is hope in it.

I hope you get a chance to listen.

Big love to Hernan Hecht for producing and Aarón Cruz for making the music and process work.



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