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Queretaro - April 20, 2012

Im writing from a small internet cafe in Queretaro, a really beautiful and endearing city a couple hours northwest of Mexico City. We are maybe a third of the way through this tour that is, I mean this in terms of venues, scheduling, work - quite epic. A Love Electic nd Cyro Baptista and its really just incredible. We played something like 275 shows over the past 14 months, and it has brought us to a place where we are functioning so well as friends and artists. Every night I feel my ceiling of possibility being transcended. Its just completely beautiful. And we are sharing what we do with so many people here in Mexico, the people here... find another adjective... wonderful.

Each night we humble our individual selves will for the greater good of the music, of what can be reached as a group. The listener is invited, we are not there to show what we can do, if we are good, to yell to the listener something about ourselves, or how we should be received. WE have the choice to be completely preoccupied with our individual selves or commit to something that promises growth and possibility. Its a conversation we are all part of and it means more than music, an instrument, anything to me.

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