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Rebel Rebel

I try not to be contrarian. Im an addict in recovery thus always in battle with self destruction, not solely by means of substances, it comes many ways. I love rebellion and know most of the most influential voices in my life, those I chose, came from far outside the accepted norms of thought in their time. They saw bullshit and didn't participate. I try. Rebel intelligently, with progress as the ends. You choose the means.

Illusion is champion today - Build your "brand". Don't confuse the people! "Just make something people like.  - I call bullshit. Its a system of thought aimed at control by means of fear and denigration of the individual into mass consumer, segmenting us into a populace increasingly easy to convince is in need, of whatever. Of a place to belong. Jazz guys, metal guys, goth, hipster, so on and so on and so transient and removed from humanity and progress it is disheartening and has resulted in an plague of irony, depression, and fear.   We are better. First we just must recognize, and be willing to admit, we are not entirely who we think we are. Much of our identity, often confused with "personality", has been created for us by means of marketing. We are bigger than being this or that. Be whatever you want, and consider what that means, what you are not.


 But rebellion against mass behavior today, thus offering a chance at original thought, progressive thought, isn't what it was before. Its not LSD and dropping out. We've all dropped out. Out of humanity, care, conversation, and the ability to take our unique contribution to society seriously. If not dropped out, we've been kicked the fuck out. 

We don't want to be originals any longer - !this only requires us being ourselves! - We are taught to mock and malign those who present themselves as committed, with voice, with ideas that are truly new. Not just a blank "hope" or change", but true idea and action. If you are going to express over criticize, commit and say your piece over the self destructive habits of shame critique denigration of emotion, and call your emotions, thoughts what they are, it is going to hurt. But, the Bukowski quote comes to mind. The one where you will die laughing with the Gods of Fire. Its triumph every second. Beauty Complete.


Some actions I find rebellious in the way rebellion once offered porgress towards a new way of behavior and understanding, presumably one that offers us the chance to survive as a race, and exist with integrity.  - Its a new rebellion. Its evolution over revolution. Integrity.


1) Consider your statement. Consider yourself an important piece of history. Think through it. You're a Hero.


2) Work harder than anyone you know.


3) Forget about popularity.


4) Be on time.


5) Avoid irony and the safety offered in self deprication. Take what you do seriously. Believe in it. If you don't, say something else.


6) Don't get fucked up on your gig. Jim Morrisson took fashion seriously and called himself the Lizard King, but his lyrics were juvenile and their legacy empty. Watching someone self destruct on stage is easy for an audience, it lets fear subside, someone out there is worse and crazier and dying faster, but it does not offer progress. Its the falsest, cheapest, most cynical type of entertainment.


7) When you get angry, sing about it. 

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