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Recording Man w/ No Country

Tuesday the new record came out. Converse to previous experience, I love this record more with time. 

The recording process was many things, though easy was not one of them. It took a type of commitment and collaboration I was new to, and for that took a bit longer. I tend to be impulsive. This record was made patiently. 

I am at peace with the music on it. I truly like it. Most encouraging is the community born out of its recording. I grew very close to Anton Fier as we shared everything in making this record. We see each other at our most vulnerable if we want to get something this honest out. Billy Matin gave me a home, a label to release it on after listening, and perspective. Bernstein saved me from believing my music was worthless four years ago. Now we have this piece of art. It has weight to me, though the sensation in releasing it is very freeing and unarming. 

Here are some photographs of the process in the studio. We took a little over two years to make and release the record. I am happy that is how it went. three studios, a couple entire sessions scrapped. Anton had a vision in hearing what I did and how to get at what could be great about it. It was not easy to get there, but it was right.

Good evening from Evora, Portugal.

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