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Sex in America, a song story

‪#‎SongStory‬ ◆ "Sex in America" ◆ A Love Electric's ‪#‎sonofahero‬

The first pieces of this song were written in 2005 in the basement of a home in South Minneapolis. I remember it was about 4 pm in winter, getting dark, and I was in between my usual early evening emotional cross of 22 year old enthusiastic drunk and self unassured anticipated regret. David Horner was my roommate. He was upstairs in the kitchen doing something and could hear me in the basement writing, with the thin wood door at the top of the stairs hanging open. I had a Roland Fantom keyboard I had inherited that I would use sometimes to sequence ideas. I was singing the line "sex in America, I think I'm losing control" over and over, trying to figure out what chords to put beneath it. I remember thinking all my friends talked about was sex, things about wanting to have sex, wild sex humor, savage sex humor. And I was frustrated in most senses.

David commented later that night he heard me singing and I could tell it made him feel something, maybe that I was yet crazier than he knew, but it had some effect. 

I never found the right way to play the song in those years, and that was about the time I stopped singing for a while, playing instrumental music, but it stuck around long enough to get to the studio with A Love Electric, where Hernan and Aaron did what they do and made it make sense.

They can interpret my ideas better than I ever could, and that we all want them to be realized, and great, is a gift. They see the intent and trust it is real. That kind of love is not easy to find. 

When we recorded this, I started singing the line "my mind is chemical" and it felt like something I wanted to sing forever. I remember Hernan kind of lighting up at the line and coaching me to sing it with more attitude. 

Our last show here in Mexico City there was a guy in the crowd yelling "sex in America, sex in America". It all came around.


You can hear "Sex in America" here -

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